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I have always had a love of animals and a love of art. I've been drawing, painting and taking photos since I was in grade school. My great grandmother gave me her 126 camera, and I was hooked. Who would have thought I could combine these two loves and end up with a great career that offers rewards beyond money?

Naughty Dogs Studio started with me taking a picture of Alfie, the Basset Hound. He is a regular fixture at Canine Campus Pet Resort where I work on the weekends exercising dogs. He is loved by all that meet him, including other dogs who love to play with him.

I wanted to get a good photo of him to share with his family, but Alfie is always in motion, running fast, and tripping over those crazy long ears of his. I was taking photo after photo, all a blur, until finally he stops for a moment, and I get a good clean shot of him. Except he moved towards the camera and I got half of his face, and a really bad background. I wanted to turn that into something his family could enjoy and hang on their wall.

So I removed the distracting background, and put a pattern into the back that matched the blanket he sleeps on at Canine Campus. Something for them to have as a reminder that Alfie enjoys his time at Canine Campus as much as we enjoy having him there.

My job allows me to create art to immortalize pets, and makes people smile. It gives me the freedom and extra income to donate my time, money and sometimes a pet portrait, to different animal and people causes such as, The Labrador Connection, Furry Bottoms Rescue, Wisconsin Vest a Dog, After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Chicago Bullie Breed Rescue, Lakewalk for Cancer, and more.

I feel it's important to enjoy life, and not take things too seriously, laugh at yourself and enjoy the time we have on Earth. At the same time, I also feel it's important to pay it forward, and donate to charities, either time or money, and this career allows me to do both.


"What started out as gift to a nice family with a really wonderful dog has turned into a a really great career working with some fabulous animals and their people."
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